BKS Iyengar 14th December 1918 – 20th August 2014.

BKS Iyengar studied and taught for over 75 years.  His dedication and practice continues to inspire pupils of yoga to this day all over the world.
His classic book “light on yoga” was first published in 1966 and has been translated to eighteen languages.
He created the Ramani Iyengar Memorial yoga Institute (RIMYI) in Pune, India in 1975, where his daughter Geeta, son Prashant and granddaughter Abhyata continue to teach with dedication and devotion.

He believed yoga was for everyone and said

Yoga is for all of us. To limit yoga to national or cultural boundaries is the denial of universal consciousness.

The Teaching System

BKS Iyengar is the founder of a system that brings precise alignment of the body.
Pupils learn through a safe methodical and progressive system with detailed correctness and alignment of the body.  When necessary supports called “props” are used to allow students to progress in their practice and where there is stiffness or injury thus allowing them to practice safely at their own pace.  Beginners work in a basic way on simple postures according to their capabilities and as pupils develop they then move on to a more detailed and refined way of working as well as more complex postures.

The Certification Mark

The certification mark is a guarantee that your teacher is fully trained, qualified and certified by BKS Iyengar’s institute, The RIMYI, in Pune, India. It is a recognised benchmark internationally of excellence, clarity and depth of understanding.
All IY (UK) teachers pass examinations after a minimum of three years of study followed by two years of teacher training. They then go on to follow a continuous professional development programme. This logo also means your teacher is insured, holds an up to date registration and maintains their development.